Who needs Advising 

Any student who has completed less than 24 credit hours is required to meet with an Academic Advisor. It is recommended all students meet with their assigned academic advisor at least once a semester.

Scheduling an Advising Appointment

  • All students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to see their advisor in order to avoid long waits.
  • Don’t know who your Advisor is? Sign into the Academic Planning Tool on your  to find out!
  • Before making an appointment, we ask you to review the Student Rights & Responsibilities. The responsibility for making decisions about educational and career goals is ultimately up to the student. We are here to assist you in any way we can and adhere to strict confidentiality policies.
  • Walk-In appointments are available in certain situations.

Schedule an appointment with your advisor by calling (505) 566-3404

How to Prepare for your Appointment

  • New Students – Things to Think About
    • What are your educational goals? Are you interested in taking a class or two, completing a certificate program, or an associate’s degree, or do you intend to transfer to a 4-year college?
    • Which area of study are you interested in? If you haven’t chosen a major, that’s okay – have a few general ideas of subjects that appeal to you. You may also visit the Career Center or Transfer Center for career exploration activities.
    • How much time can you devote to your education: Do you have other commitments which will limit your time?
  • Continuing Student – Things to Think About
    • Have your educational goals changed since your last visit with an Academic Advisor?  What are your current goals?  Have your other commitments changed?
    • Are you planning on pursuing a program (i.e. Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant, Cosmetology, etc.) where an application is needed? Visit the program webpage to download the application and to see current program requirements.

Student Academic Planning Tutorial

do you remember how to register with the new student academic planning tool? here is a great video as a refresher, or if you are new to registering with student academic planning here is a video to walk you through the steps!


Policies and Confidentiality

  • Student Rights
    • Be treated with respect and consideration.
    • Confidentiality of information provided or obtained during the advising/counseling process, within the limits described in the policy statement.
    • Information about your advisor’s/counselor’s credentials and training.
    • Ask questions about any procedures used during counseling; if you wish, the advisor/counselor will explain his/her usual approach and methods to you.
    • Discuss with your advisor/counselor any concerns or dissatisfactions you have about your advising/counseling experience.
    • Review your file with an advisor/counselor.
    • See a second advisor/counselor if you wish to obtain an additional opinion or believe you would work better with another person.
    • Obtain a referral to other appropriate services, when you cannot be seen by a college advisor/counselor or when our services are not appropriate to your concerns.
    • Stop advising/counseling at any point. We encourage you to discuss with your advisor/counselor your reasons for wanting to stop; however, the decision is yours.
    • Report a grievance to the Vice-President of Student Services if you believe your counselor has violated your rights or has behaved unethically.
  • Students Responsibilities
    • Treating the Advising & Counseling Center Staff with respect and consideration.
    • Understanding your advisor’s/counselor’s credentials and training to your satisfaction.
    • Understanding the advising/counseling process to your own satisfaction. If you do not understand any part of the process, please discuss this with your advisor/counselor.
    • Being honest and direct about your advising/counseling experience.
    • Keeping appointments – if you cannot keep an appointment, please notify the Advising & Counseling Secretary.
    • Reporting any grievance you may have without undue delay.