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Advanced Petroleum Production Operations

万人水果777最新版本the advanced petroleum production operations of applied science degree program (aas) is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of those currently employed in the oil and gas industry.

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Auto Body

万人水果777最新版本the auto body program provides the student with the theory and practical knowledge necessary to develop a degree of skill that will make the student employable in an auto body shop or related occupation.

MCAP Logo - MOPAR College Automotive Program

Automotive Technology - Chrysler MOPAR College Automotive Program (MCAP)

The MOPAR College Automotive Program (MCAP) is part of a nationwide effort by Chrysler to produce the industry's best automotive technicians.

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Automotive Technology - General

san juan college offers a general two-year associate of applied science degree or one-year certificate program in automotive technology.


Automotive Technology - GM Automotive Service Education Program (ASEP)

the gm automotive service educational program (asep) at san juan college is a college training program that offers a career opportunity as a general motors service technician.

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Automotive Technology - Honda Motor Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT)

万人水果777最新版本the honda motor professional automotive career training (pact) program at san juan college is a college training program that offers a career opportunity as a honda motors service technician. 


Automotive Technology - Toyota Technician Training Education Network (T-TEN)

the toyota technician training education network program (tten) at san juan college is a college training program that offers a career opportunity as a toyota motors service technician.

Building being buit - Stud walls

Building Trades

万人水果777最新版本the building trades program is designed to prepare students for a career primarily in residential construction.

Semi truck on road

Commercial Driver's License Training

san juan college's eight-week commercial driver’s license (cdl) program provides the training and skills necessary for individuals to pass the three-part cdl exam. students learn in the classroom, on a simulator, in a truck on the training course and in a truck on the highway.

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Diesel Technology

the diesel technology program provides the student with the necessary skills and theory to enter either the medium/heavy duty truck or the construction/mining equipment service and repair fields.

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Energy Production, Foundations

万人水果777最新版本all students are required to complete the energy core curriculum before focusing on a particular degree. the curriculum takes two semesters to complete and can be done entirely on-line.

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic equipment

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

万人水果777最新版本the industrial maintenance mechanic program is designed to prepare students for positions as maintenance mechanics, maintenance technicians and operations technicians of power generation, mining, natural gas, refinery, semiconductor, photochemical and pharmaceutical processes.

Industrial Process Operator Working

Industrial Process Operator

the industrial process operator program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions as plant operators, operations technicians, multi-skilled operators of power generation, natural gas processing, refineries, mining, semiconductor, beverage, petrochemical and pharmaceutical processes.

Gas controls

Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical Technology

the instrumentation and controls technology program at san juan college provides students with a hands-on work environment that covers electronic instruments, electrical systems, pneumatic systems and computer-based process controls. students learn to install, maintain and troubleshoot automatically controlled processes.

Natural Gas Compression Equipment

Natural Gas Compression Technology

the natural gas compression program is designed to provide technically oriented entry-level students with basic knowledge and skills of gas compression equipment and maintenance via classroom lecture and hands-on experiences. 

Safety Equipment - Hard Hat, Glasses

Occupational Safety

the occupational safety associate of applied science degree program is designed to provide students with a thorough education in the growing field of safety and prepares them for entry level safety positions in a variety of industries, while providing seasoned professionals the opportunity to hone their knowledge and skills. this program is entirely on-line.

Oil Derrick

Tribal Energy Management

the tribal energy management program is an exciting seminar series designed for professional participants and students interested in earning an associate of applied science (a.a.s.) degree in tribal energy management studies (tems).

Person welding


through the welding program, you will learn practical applications of welding on plate and pipe in all positions and the necessary theory to support those skill levels, in new, spacious shops and with state-of-the-art equipment.

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Industry Training

the school of energy offers students and the community a variety of industry trainings such as industrial safety training, oil and gas training and well control.