San Juan College now offers two ways for students, staff, and faculty to stay safe and informed!

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Rave Guardian app is a personal safety app that connects you with campus safety officers, family, friends, and others you trust.

Cell phone Rave Alert
Rave Alert
万人水果777最新版本 sends emails and text messages directly to your phone about campus closures, extreme weather, and other emergencies.

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万人水果777最新版本the rave guardian app helps keep you safe when on sjc campuses by giving you direct connections to campus safety, family, friends and others you trust.  you can feel safe anytime, knowing your rave guardians are watching out for you.

Features of the Rave Guardian App include:
  • Safety Timer
  • Safety Network of trusted family, friends, and others
  • Easier Direct Communication with Safety Officers
  • If you see something, you can now say something anonymously with the help of the app’s ‘Send Anonymous Tips’ feature.

to download, search “rave guardian” in the app store or google play store.

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How does the Guardian app work?

万人水果777最新版本first, download and set up an account. the rave guardian app can be downloaded in the apple or google play stores by searching for “rave guardian”.

万人水果777最新版本to start using the app add your name, campus address, medical notes and other pertinent information for campus safety in case of emergency.

invite family, friends, or others to be apart of your “guardian network” you can communicate with those in your network within the app as needed.

now if for any reason you feel unsafe, you can set a safety timer with your guardians.

万人水果777最新版本for example, imagine a female student is walking across campus alone at night. the walk from the library to her car usually takes about 10 minutes. in the app, she can set up a 10-minute safety timer with her personal guardian contacts. if she does not deactivate the safety timer after 10 minutes, her guardians will be immediately be notified. guardians will also have access to important details such as her phone’s location on a map and contact information.

万人水果777最新版本the app also allows for easy emergency communication. in an emergency situation, one button in the app directly connects the user to campus safety officials or 9-1-1.

Cell phone Rave Alert


be in the know. know what to do. get real-time info about campus closures, extreme weather, and other emergencies — sent straight to your email or mobile via our text messaging service.

students, staff and faculty of san juan college automatically have accounts in the sjc alert system. if you wish to receive text message alerts, login to the sjc alert system and enter your mobile number.

万人水果777最新版本if you have question or problems with the sjc alert system, please call the help desk at (505) 566-3266

How to find information in an emergency

On the Web – Visit for detailed campus closure and emergency information. If there is an alert, the main picture area on the home page will be replaced with detailed alert information.

On your mobile device万人水果777最新版本 – Watch for text alerts in the case of a campus closure or if there is a threat to personal safety. For text alerts, remember to  with your current mobile number.

By e-mail万人水果777最新版本 – Check your official San Juan College e-mail after an emergency for support and resource information.